5 Ways to Change Your Thoughts For The Better

5 ways to change your thoughts fro the better

Right now, STOP and think about what you’re thinking about! 

Are you thinking about the activity you’re engaged in right now?  Perhaps you are cooking a meal, changing a diaper, or typing a letter.  These are productive daily activities that we all must perform to function in this world.

Or, are you thinking about something you said or shouldn’t have done in the past?  These are negative fruitless thoughts on things we cannot go back or change.  It’s these kinds of thoughts that make us feel helpless and as we continue to fret over things we cannot change our spirit becomes weaker and defeated.  We continue to spiral downward as we allow these thoughts to continue and magnify

Or, are you thinking about plans for the future?  A certain amount of future planning is critical for existence and we must think and plan for our future.  But when these thoughts become day dreams and too extreme they rob our time and we become unproductive in areas of our life.

Whatever it is your mind is dwelling on or your thoughts are consumed with you can change these thoughts and change your mind thinking right now.  If your thoughts are negative or unhealthy just change your thoughts.  If your mind keeps going back to the same old pattern of negative thinking just get up and walk outside or walk to the other part of the house and focus on something else.

Re-focus your thoughts and change your mind.  I know it’s harder than it sounds, especially when we are finding some kind of solace or self pity in the negative thinking.  Maybe this thinking or self trash talk is giving us permission to continue with the negative defeating behavior and thoughts.

When you’ve had enough of it and are ready to change your thinking, here are five things that have helped me change my thoughts.

  1.  Listen to an inspiring or upbeat song or play list.  I’m personally inspired by the spiritual songs by Katie and Bryan Torwalt on their album Here On Earth.  Or maybe some old fashion rock n roll by the Eagles or if you’re a country fan some of Garth Brooks lyrics can be inspiring.
  2. Brush your teeth, wash your face and hands or take a shower.  Sometimes cleaning the physical parts of our body can help to also wash away those negative thoughts in our mind.
  3. Clean out a drawer, go through your clothes and give away or throw away those things you haven’t worn or used in over a year.  I’ve actually found money and notes and phone numbers that I’d forgotten about.  What treasures could be hiding in your drawers? Lol.
  4. Take a walk, run in place or do some jumping jacks.  Just get up and move your body to help the blood flow and circulation.  Getting some fresh oxygen into our blood stream will help clear out the stale stinking thinking.  I love to take early morning walks and watch the sunrise.  There is nothing like the promise of the new day the sunrise represents and breathing clean fresh air that gets my creative juices and positive, thankful thoughts flowing.
  5.  Do something for someone else. Cook a meal for a shut-in or family in need.  Write a donation check to your favorite charity or church.  Do something for someone else and get your mind off yourself.

While doing any or all of the above if you will constantly be mindful and thankful of the fact that without our Almighty God none of this would even be possible, I assure you, your mind and thinking will be changed.

Now, what are you thinking about? Share you thoughts with me below!

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