The Inspiration That Helped Me to Quit

Are You Ready? To Make that Change is a book that poses challenging questions and provides life lessons for solutions and positive changes to live a purpose filled life.

Many of these lessons I heard at an early age from my Father, a retired Southern Baptist minister. Yes, I’m a PK (preacher’s kid), and Chapters 2 – 20 of the book are revisions and portions of his sermons that were preached from several pulpits over six decades. At 86 years young he still preaches every chance he gets.

He was inspired by God to write and preach these lessons and I’ve been inspired by him and now by God to recreate these words and pass them on.

God wants us to willingly come to Him and get to know Him through His teachings. But, some of us had to “go through Hell to get to Heaven.” In the tough times all we had was God’s love and saving grace. Then we had to walk through that slow journey home to come back to Him and make those changes so He could use us. One of the changes I personally wanted to make was to stop smoking. I wanted to stop so God could use me.

In Chapter 1 of this book I will share my story and the inspired direction that helped me quit.   After smoking cigarettes for many years, with God’s grace I finally quit and started to grow and find God’s purpose for my life.

Following my story are the life lessons and teachings of my father that helped bring me back home. With every one of these teachings we need to be ready to hear and then ready to implement them into our lives. I hope you can read with an open mind and heart and feel the tug of Jesus calling you back home.

Think of them as God speaking directly to you.

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