Skip the Sleepless Nights, Stop Fear of Change In It’s Tracks!

Skip the sleepless nights and stress, stop fear of change in it's tracks!

What are you the most proud of right now?  For a student it could be completing a course with the highest grade.  For a single person it could be meeting and marrying the person of your dreams.  For a college graduate it could be interviewing and landing that perfect dream job.  For a married couple it could be buying a home or having your first child.  For an aging senior citizen it could be remembering your telephone number or even just having the energy to get dressed and cleaned up that day.

The above scenarios should more than represent the fact that being proud of yourself is very relative.  It depends on where you are in life and what your goals and ambitions are at this time in your life.  As we go through this crazy thing called life we encounter many events and have changing needs and therefore changing ambitions and ultimate accomplishments of which to be proud.

Life therefore teaches us to stay flexible in our thoughts and be ready to adjust and change the way we look at and incorporate the daily activities required to live.  Very rigid and planned out agendas in life often produce unnecessary stress.  In order to stay open and flexible to change I’ve found the following things helpful:

  1. Think about the new situation from someone else’s point of view.  How does your significant other view this new process or thing in your life?  What does your boss or your friends have to say about it?  Without over analyzing  or having  someone else’s opinion affect your decision, just let your mind contemplate the change and how it affects others as they relate to you.
  2. Decide if you are being flexible or inflexible with your mindset.  Are you letting old beliefs or circumstances affect your decision?  Just because of past hurts and disappointments don’t let a new opportunity or person in your life go by the wayside.  Seize the new adventure and realize that people are different and open your mind to new opportunities.
  3. Are you making a head decision or a heart decision?  Some of my best decisions have been a balance of both.  I’ve found if I strictly go with my head I’m too legalistic or judgmental.  When I’ve gone with my heart I’ve been too impetuous and the emotions have clouded my decision.  With just the right balance I’ve managed to make decisions that have allowed me to be flexible while maintaining my moral and ethical values.
  4. Are you listening to your inner spirit that knows?  It’s when we quiet our chattering mind and meditate and listen to our deep down inner spirit we’ll find we already have the answer to our problem.  Don’t assume you already know the answer but go within and ask the question.

You feel the proudest after you’ve completed the above steps and have the peace that comes with accomplished life adventures.  Your confidence will soar and this will prepare you for the next life adventure.

Life can be compared to a dance where two people bend and flow to the music.  It’s also like the ebb and flow of the tide.  It’s not stagnant but comes in and out and with every high tide fresh water is brought into the shore.  I like to compare the incoming tide to life’s struggles.  Although they come in they bring with them fresh water and new opportunities to learn and grow.

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