Welcome to “The Formula to Overcome that Habit or Hang-Up So You Can Feel Energized, Hopeful and Creative Again.” This is your course and the first step of your Change Journey!

I’m honored you’re here and prepared to take this course in order to improve your life. I want you to get that something you’ve been searching for that will motivate and inspire you to make that change that could be holding you back from your success and freedom. This course should give you more control over your life and give you that mindset to now implement that exercise program or adopt that new eating style or address that relationship issue or problem at work that you keep pushing back and wishing it would go away.

This is a 5 module video course. It starts with a video introduction that you should watch first. There are instructions in that video to also download and complete the “Self-Assessment Tool” before starting the course. From there you’ll progress at your own pace through Modules 1-5.

Be sure to take some thoughtful time in between each Module and download the pdf exercises and answer the questions. This will help you get the most out of the course. Should you experience any technical difficulty please be sure to contact me.

Remember change starts with you, 1 thought, 1 choice, and then 1 action at a time. Let’s start changing your life today!


Table of Contents


Pre-Assessment Tool

What Does Change Mean to Me? Pre-Assessment Tool