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security discover real with godOne of the oldest sports is the racing of dogs. These racing dogs are one of the fastest creatures for racing short distances. A racing dog can run a quarter of a mile in twenty-five and one tenth seconds. Night by night, these dogs are let loose on a track to chase a rabbit.

But they never catch the rabbit. The reason is this mechanical rabbit is operated by someone keeping this rabbit just far enough ahead so the dogs are running as fast as they can but never quite catch the rabbit. At the end of the course, the rabbit disappears into a box. So the greyhound runs all his life trying to catch a rabbit – and never catches it.

In the race of life we are all chasing a rabbit called “Security.” With every fiber of our being we chase it. This is one of the major drives of life. Carl Jung, a pioneer in Psychology said this desire and drive for personal security is one of the two basic needs of human beings.

A doctor once spoke of his deprived childhood and all the financial and physical needs of his family growing up. He said he was resolved that he and his family would never be in need. He admitted he had become obsessed with the need for things, for money, security. He found himself grasping for more and worrying about his investments. He could not cope with this deep sense of insecurity – though he had everything money could buy.

Isn’t this the rabbit we all chase? Even in our social security system and our retirement funds. We think of the day when we can retire in our easy chair and slippers having finally arrived with complete security.

There is also this emphasis nationally and internationally. The theme of the controversy in Washington is national security. There are those that think the security of our nation is at risk. There are those opposed to all the money we spend on national and homeland security in this world of uncertainty.

But, we must remember, it has never been a secure world. The history books tell us about World War I, the war to end all wars and make the world safe for democracy. Our young men died on the fields of Flanders by the thousands believing this would make the world secure! After the armistice there was euphoria of peace. The war was fought and the nations laid down their arms and entered into a glorious period of peace and security.

But, the sons of those men who died in World War I went to battle in World War II, and they too died. We tried to make the world secure against Nazism and dictators. The sons of those who died in World War II found themselves fighting in Vietnam to make the world secure against Communism. Now our young men are dying in the Middle East to keep our world safe.

We want security! What kind of trick has life played on us anyway? We may even blame God with this! We are on a track chasing a mechanical rabbit and God is at the keyboard. He is punching the buttons, and he keeps that mechanical rabbit of security out in front of us just far enough; so we are born, we live and we die, and we never catch the rabbit! Can that be? There is nothing secure! But let’s look at the reasons why:


God has made us as we are, and He made us insecure. He planted in our very nature this hunger and need for security; this sense of anxiety that makes us feel insecure from the time we are born to the time we die. God has made us this way!

You are a young person and feel insecure, uncertain, and anxious about life. You are a middle aged person and you are anxious and worried about holding your job, or making enough money to retire. You are an older person worried about your health or dwindling pension as inflation goes higher and higher.

God made us. He made us with this insecurity planted in us. We are wrought with anxieties, with fears, and it causes us to be afraid of the daylight and the dark, afraid of the sunshine and the nighttime, afraid of good fortune and bad fortune. We are made to be anxious and afraid. It is planted in us.


He not only made us insecure, but he put us in a world where there is no security. The Bible says, “Heaven and earth shall pass away.” There is nothing secure around us to tie onto in this world.

Because we live in this generation we feel this is the most insecure time in history. The mass media feeds upon fears and anxieties, problems and troubles. The headlines sell bad news all the time. We are fed this by the media in a way that has compounded the bad news with our modern technology.

Many of the stable foundations and institutions of this world seem to be shattered and shaken. Marriage itself and the family unit seem to be broken today more than ever before. We say when these foundations crumble, what does tomorrow hold for our children and grandchildren. Moral values pass away. There seems to be nothing secure.

This world is also full of mass violence. We have the ability for mass destruction, crimes, war and slaughter in a way the world has never known. All of these things tell us how insecure this world is today. So why does God allow this?

He made us this way in order that we might find security not in this world, but in Him! Instead of being self-sufficient, we would be God dependent!

God made an apple tree and that tree was made to produce and bear apples; that is in its nature. God made man and in man’s nature he planted the instinct to bear the fruit of faith, of trust, of a personal relationship and communion with Him. And when we do not bear that fruit we are created to bear, life goes wrong for us. We are made insecure so we might express faith and show faith and reach up and take God’s hand and ask Him for security. In order to do this, we must:

  1. Admit our insecurities and inadequacies. Know that we cannot handle life by ourselves.
  2. We must also admit to the inadequacy of the world to supply security for us. There is nothing in this physical world that can give me a calm piece of security and adequacy. No job, no amount of money, a better home or certain pension fund can provide the level of security we’re seeking in this physical world.
  3. We must confess to God our insecurity. We must come to Him and give Him our hands in faith and admit to Him we need Him for our ultimate security. He made us this way so we could find our dependence in Him, not in ourselves.

Then we will begin to feel the fulfillment and realization of security. We were made to be children of God and belong to Him. We were made to have life, and life abundant and eternal in Him. We will never have it until we come and give Him our hand and confess to Him our inadequacies.

There is a story in the gospels about Jesus and the disciples in a storm at sea. Jesus was asleep in the boat when the storm came up. The disciples became afraid the ship might sink and they woke Jesus up. The disciples were saying wake up, we are about to drown. And Jesus said, “Be Still,” and the calmness came, and the storm ceased. At times, we just need to Be Still and feel His strength and presence.

Nothing can separate us from the love of God that is in Christ Jesus, for that is our security. It is only when we can come to this kind of confident faith in Jesus Christ that we find our security.

Repeat this every time you start feeling insecure: I am His and He is mine. I live daily by faith in Him. And I know that nothing shall separate me from Him. My security is in Jesus Christ and All is well!

I’m in this with you,

~ Mary Ann Blount

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