When is the Best Time to Quit Smoking?

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There are more than a billion smokers worldwide. There are even children that are addicted to smoking as a way of fitting in with their friends. Many adults smoke as a way to relax when in a tense or difficult situation or after a meal or while driving. Some find it hard to completely avoid smoking due to the fact that it is already part of their lifestyle and habits. Smokers know and understand the ill effects of smoking but give into the temporary good feeling and ignore the warnings and alarming consequences of smoking.

Many find it difficult to quit primarily because they choose the wrong time to stop. When a person’s life is so hectic, it seems that you have no time to concentrate on quitting. However, if your mindset is like this, you will never find the right timing. If you really want to stop, it has to start with you and that would only be possible if you pick a time to quit and stick to it. Bear in mind that if you wait for a so-called perfect timing, it’s likely your decision will be put off for years.

If you are planning to quit today while you are highly inspired and encouraged, this would be the perfect time to do so. Smokers must accept the reality that quitting smoking will be a real challenge. However, no matter how hard it is at first, you have to realize and know that this is the best decision for your health as well as for the health of your family and those around you.

But, when is the right time to quit? Actually, there is really no perfect time, because only YOU can decide when you are READY and when you are most motivated to make this big change. Whenever you feel that a certain moment or time is the best time to start, you have to grab that moment.

All the same, it is best to pick a time when you can concentrate your energy and full attention on your objective of quitting. Here are some occasions or times that you can consider that might spark an idea:

  • On your Birthday. This may be a good time for a very special gift to yourself.
  • New Year’s Day. This is the best time too because New Year means new life.
  • When you feel some discomfort in your body or when some member of your family get sick due to your smoking.
  • When you are on vacation. This is a good time to start quitting when you are not stressed; unlike when you are too busy and need to meet deadlines at work.
  • On 4th of July. This could be your independence too!
  • Right after you have considered all the options and right after you have successfully done all the necessary preparation.
  • You may also consider setting a time to quit with a family member or friend. It’s good to quit when you share the same goal with someone.

Meanwhile, there are certain times in life when quitting smoking becomes impossible.

Here is a list of wrong times to quit:

  • When you feel so tensed, stressed and mostly down.
  • Times when you are homesick and have only little contact with loved ones and close friends.
  • Right after a serious or saddening event in life such as death of a loved one, breaking up with your partner, losing a job etc.

It is important to acknowledge the fact that in reality there is really no good or bad times to quit smoking. It is always up to your perception in life and how you really aspire to make your life more meaningful, free from diseases and healthier. In short, when you really want something good to happen to you, you have to work really hard to achieve it. Always remember that if you sincerely want a change, you should be the change.

Many of us understand that if you wait for the best time to quit smoking chances are this so-called perfect timing will never come. So, only quit smoking when you are ready! Don’t do it for anyone one or anything else. Find your biggest reason why to quit. That way, when you have already set the time for a big change, it will be easier for you to stick to the plan. When you are ready, you are more motivated and more than willing to face the odds no matter how tough it may be at the beginning. A person who is READY for a change will succeed!

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