Are There Angels Among Us?


Spirit Beings that Minister to us.  I believe in Angels

Do you believe in angels?  According to a Gallup poll in 2004, 78% of those surveyed believe in angels.  Has there been a time in your life when you’ve been able to accomplish some super human feat?  Or been so discouraged and depressed that without divine intervention you would have ended it all?  These are claims that people have told in stories about angels and how they’ve responded.  Some also believe they have a personal angel.

I believe in angels because the Bible has over 300 references to them and I believe in what the Bible says.  I don’t necessarily believe all the stories I’ve read about angelic intervention.  Although, most of the people who have experienced one, truly believe it.  Angels are spiritual beings and their work is mostly invisible to us.  When we get to heaven we may be amazed to find out just how often God’s angels protected or intervened for us, even though we were unaware at the time.  Psalm 91:11 says, “For he will command his angels concerning you to guard you in all your ways.”  How reassuring that is!

Below are some references to ANGELS in the Bible that will prove there are definitely angels among us.

Agents of God.  There are many references where God used His angels to rescue, deliver and protect His believers.  In Hebrews, angels are described as ministering spirits sent to serve believers.  Angels told Mary about the birth of Christ, delivered Daniel from the lion’s den, spoke to Philip and Paul and showed them the way to go.

But angels were also often sent to be awesome warriors for God.  They were fighters sent here with specific instructions to carry out the justice and wrath of God.  It was an angel poised to strike Israel with the plague before David confessed his sins.  It was an angel that killed one hundred eighty five thousand Assyrians in the book of 2 Kings.  It was an angel that caused King Herod’s body to be eaten by worms.  The book of Revelation is filled with the warrior angels fighting Satan, the fallen angel.  Yes, angels are Agents of God sent to carry out His work in many different ways in this fallen world.

Nearer than we think.  Angels are spirits and are close at all times.  In the book of Psalm, it states that God has given His angels charge over us, to guard us in all our ways.  Their hands will hold us up and not let us fall.  We should feel great comfort reading this encouraging verse.  This gives us the reassurance as Christians that God is watching over us and will not let evil or harm come upon us.  This should remove all our fears and give us the confidence to live lives of love and grace toward others.
Guard and Guide us.  On Mt. Sinai with Moses, God calls to Moses from the thunder and says He is sending an angel ahead of him to Guard him along the way and to bring him to the place He has prepared.  God tells Moses to pay attention to the angel and listen to what he tells him to do.  God also sent an angel to Joseph telling him to take Mary and baby Jesus to Egypt to escape from King Herod who was looking to find and kill the baby.  Likewise, in our lives I believe God sends His angels to instruct us on things to do in our lives.  We must be watchful and pay attention and then listen to the angels that come to us with God’s messages.

Encourager.  Angels are sent to encourage and comfort us.  Hagar was comforted and given     water when facing exhaustion and thirst in the desert.  Elijah was ready to quit and die when an angel came and encouraged him to get up and eat.  When Daniel was facing sure death when thrown in the Lion’s den, an angel saved him by closing the mouth of the lions.  The angel touched him and said, “Do not be afraid, Peace, Be strong now. Be strong!  Oh, how many times have we been ready to quit and throw in the towel and something happens to keep us believing and holding on just a little bit longer?  Was that your angel?

Like Wind, Like Fire, Like Stars.  Angels have been described in the Scriptures as being like wind and like flames of fire in the book of Psalm and Hebrews.  They are spirit beings and the word spirit in Greek can also mean “breath” and “wind”.  In the book of Psalm David saw the wind and angels together.  There are many Old Testament passages that describe the blowing winds on days of God’s intervention with man on earth.

There are also many references to angels and fire.  The angel who guarded the gates of Eden had a flaming sword.  The angel that overwhelmed Daniel on the banks of the Tigris River had a face “like lightening” and eyes “like flaming torches”.  There are many references to angels being like stars or orbs of fire.  Many angel sightings include a brilliant light force.  The angels at Jesus tomb “had clothes that gleamed like lightning”.  Light represents truth and anything sent from God must be of truth.

Spirit Beings Ministering to Us.  God loves us so much He has His angels to help us in our weakness.  Angels elevate our hopes and strengthen our confidence.  God knows our weaknesses and He knows how frail and vulnerable we are.  He has His angels to provide a level of protection for those that love and serve Him.  In our daily struggles and pressures just knowing that God’s angels are around provide us encouragement and comfort to live with more confidence.

Now, go live your life with the confidence knowing that as a believer and follower of Jesus Christ you have His love and protection often times delivered on the wings of the angels.

In this with you,

~ Mary Ann Blount

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  1. Edmund S. Lee

    I often wonder and think to myself about all the wonderful things that occur. I’d like to believe that I do have a personal angel or that I come across them day in day out 🙂

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