Growing Through Change

This is your time for change my Beautiful Friend! Are you Ready for Your Fresh New Beginning? Are you Ready to feel Energized, Hopeful and Creative Again?

Well, you’re in the right place!

I’m Mary Ann Blount, author of the book “Are You Ready to Make that Change?” and creator and founder of the course “The Formula to Overcome that Habit or Hang-up So You Can Feel Energized, Hopeful and Creative Again.”

I mentor and coach people just like you who are tired of feeling stressed and overwhelmed and searching for positive changes in life.

The Change Starts With You! 1 Thought, 1 Choice, and then 1 Action at a time!
Let’s do this…..Be Bold enough and believe Your New Beginning is just ahead!

Stop living a life of Quiet Desperation

Find Your Peaceful Confidence & Download this 5-Step Formula so You Can Feel Energized Hopeful and Creative Again!


Are You Ready for Change?

I’m dedicated to helping you learn the FORMULA I’ve discovered to overcome that habit or hang-up that’s holding you back from discovering your true peace, happiness and freedom. Take that first step now and enter your name and email address and receive my free E-book. If that book helps and you want to learn more, I have lots of other instructional videos, books and material coming your way. Change starts with you, one thought, one choice and then one action at a time. Let’s do this…..Dare to change your life today!

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