“If you are looking for help from someone that has a genuine heart to help others, especially women, you will be eager to work with Mary Ann! Her life experiences and humble faith in God will encourage you and give you the confidence to leave the darkness of life’s struggles and destructive habits. Mary Ann has the unique gift of being professional, compassionate, kind and non-judgemental in her teachings. Having “been there and done that” makes her approach to life and change inspiring and exciting. Her gentle nature allows you the comfort to own your pain, heartache and frustration while she mentors you to grow in a new and positive way of life. I highly recommend Mary Ann and her course if you want a knowledgeable, experienced woman that is filled with passion to help you win back the confident and beautiful you!”Theresa Hayes

Have needed someone to share several recent concerns. Since I had been reading posts and e-mails from Mary Ann, I decided to set up a couple of sessions. She was so thorough in the way she conducted our sessions. Mary Ann has a calming effect. She listens and asks the questions that are needed. She’s personal with you and you gain the sense of her perceptiveness. She remains objective which is a skill in itself. I would highly recommend Mary Ann.
Debi Byford

“Mary Ann has been such a complete joy to work with! Her calm and soft demeanor truly allows you to instantly feel like you are understood and safe to share. But don’t be lulled into thinking she will let you get away with not getting deep and working intensely on your goals! As your coach she will be one of your biggest allies, cheerleaders, and no-nonsense accountability partners, sticking with you to help you reach your goals. It was an honor to be coached by her and I sincerely recommend you doing the same. Saying yes to Mary Ann and saying YES to YOU!”Elizabeth de Moraes, Health and Success Coach, Iconic Living, LLC
‘Unleash your inner celebrity!’™

“Mary Ann has a wealth if experience and I could feel it in our sessions. I felt understood and guided through my challenges. What I loved the most was her positivity and kindness, I truly felt that she cares about me and the she would go the extra mile for me. I highly recommend working with Mary Ann as your coach and mentor!”Alex X