Stories of Daring Women Who Succeeded

Come and meet several women who dared to make a personal change in order to live more abundantly. You will be introduced to Angie Anger, Betty Busy, Bonnie Bitter, Ima Insecure, Competitive Cathy, Freida Fearful and many others who examined their lives, reached out for help and then started their change journey into more fulfilling careers and relationships. By reading their stories and then examining our lives we can find God’s purpose and overcome any debilitating life situation.

You will discover:

  1. How to soften your approach to life and other people and still get what you want.
  2. How to slow down, de-stress and appreciate your existing world without sacrificing a thing.
  3. How to gain self-confidence and become courageous as you focus on your good qualities.
  4. How to be less fearful or discouraged in this negative world.
  5. How to breakthrough defeat thinking after a relationship change.
  6. How to channel a competitive nature into a team building approach to projects and life.

Author Bio:

aboutGrowing up a preacher’s daughter with expectations of perfection to a career in government, managing multiple million dollar projects and divisions of people, Mary Ann’s journey is proof that with a healthy dose of God given focus and determination it’s possible to make necessary changes in life. Her roller-coaster journey from teenage single-parent waitress to respected government director had many challenges and setbacks. Position or status does not dictate the level of pain and misfortune one may encounter. We all endure change. It’s how we handle that journey that brings clarity, blessings and eventually miracles.

This book will provide all the examples you need and encourage you to change that one small thing that could be holding you back from your best life ever. Are you Ready to make a small change in order to succeed?