Dare to Change Your Life

With inspirational guidance and love filled wisdom found in her books, Mary Ann Blount inspires and motivates women struggling with everyday life changes.  Her down to earth, authentic approach encourages women to make changes in their personal world in order to live fulfilling balanced lives at home and at work.

From growing up a preacher’s daughter with expectations of perfection to a career in government, managing multiple million dollar projects with divisions of people, Mary Ann’s journey is proof that it’s possible to make the necessary changes in life to live the dream and love it – with a healthy dose of God given focus and determination.  Her roller-coaster journey from teenage single-parent waitress to respected government director had many challenges and setbacks.  Now as a spiritual inspirational writer and mentor, this determined, gifted author enjoys helping women make choices to change their worlds in order to find their voice and make a difference.  Her experience has taught that position or status does not dictate the level of pain and misfortune one may encounter.  We all have changes in life to endure.  It’s how we handle that journey that brings clarity, blessings and eventually miracles.

In her first book, Are You Ready to Make That Change?, Mary Ann describes what it takes to get ready for personal change and details the steps she used to overcome an addiction and change her life.  Now helping women find God’s purpose for their lives and overcome debilitating life situations has become her focus.

On her website, www.MaryAnnBlount.com you can read the introduction of her upcoming book, Women Who Dare to Change; Secrets for Success at Home and Work.  This book will guide and help women who are ready to live more abundant lives recognize and change their habits or flaws as seen through the eyes of several fictional women who will be introduced in separate chapters.  You will meet Angie Anger, Bonnie Bitter, and Ima Insecure to name a few.  We will hear their stories and then examine our lives and get prepared and ready to experience more fulfilling careers and relationships.

You can also find on the website her latest course, “The Formula to Overcome that Habit or Hang-up; Make that Change so You Can Feel Energized, Hopeful and Creative Again”. These 5 Modules of training include video, audio and workbook lessons that introduce a 5 step formula that’s helping others and can also help YOU recognize and change defeating habits and life styles.  Break the chains holding you back and give yourself that freedom and happiness and successful life that you know you deserve.  You can access more information on the course at www.MaryAnnBlount.com

Mary Ann lives in beautiful St. Augustine, Florida with her husband, a retired firefighter.  They are avid fishermen and enjoy the outdoors and sunshine.  She’s a proud mother and grandmother and mentor to hundreds who have shown by example they have unlimited possibilities and are willing to make changes in their life and be resilient and hold fast to their dreams.