Live a Life Prepared for Raging Storms, Devastating Winds & Unrelenting Waves


CreateYourBestLifeThose of us who live on the East coast have been reminded recently that no one is out of the range of devastating hurricane winds, rain and floods. Almost every month, and sometimes several times a month we are reminded of the terrible devastation wrought by the mighty uncontrollable winds as hurricanes build over the warm waters and then slam and batter our coastal shores with massive unrelenting waves.

Hurricane season always causes me to ask the question, “When the hurricanes of life strike us…and they will…can the life we build withstand the storm?”

Some are devastated when the storms come. Chris Benoit, the Canadian professional wrestler was physically strong and on the top of his game. But, in 2007, as the storm and loss of his physical ability waned he could not face the storm and he hanged himself after murdering his wife and son. We all know or have heard of prominent or wealthy business people who have caved in to the storms of temptation and have ruined their political careers and destroyed their families with immoral choices.

In the book of Peter in the Bible there is direction and a map for us to follow in order to build a storm proof life. Peter makes the bold statement that “God has given us all things in Jesus Christ His Son that pertain to life.” I compare this to a construction site where suppliers have brought materials of brick, wood and concrete in order to build a house. God has given us all the materials we need to build a life through Jesus Christ.

But, Peter advises that we must give diligence. Diligence is more than just working at it. Translated diligence implies haste and urgency. Life is too short and moments are fleeting and the opportunity is now to seize the opportunity and work at it every day. Houses do not spring up with one day’s labor. You must give diligence and use the materials that God has supplied. Peter gives us the blueprint or the design for the life you are to build and first attention is to the foundation. The first thing you put down must be solid. You do not start construction on the third floor and work down. You must start at the ground and work up. When a skyscraper is built soundings must be taken. You must bore down through the soil and gravel until you reach a solid bedrock foundation.

In building a life, you have to go down to solid rock to start and that rock, that foundation is faith. You have to build a life on faith and no life can stand if lived without faith. The foundation of faith has four corners or pilings that also must be driven down.

The first piling is faith in God and faith in the supernatural. There is more to life than what we can physically see and touch. There is a world beyond this world and there was a beginning before we began and there was a creator. There is an end beyond the end of my life and there is an eternal destiny in the hands of an eternal God. I believe in a vital and personal way the existence and reality of the Supreme Being, God the creator and God the omnipotent ruler.

The second piling is personal faith in Jesus Christ as the Son of God. Jesus is God in the flesh and he became flesh to dwell among us. The essence and heart of the Christian faith is that Jesus Christ is God with us and living among us without sin and going to the cross and dying for us on that cross. He died for our sins and went to the grave but was resurrected on the third day, victorious over death and the grave and sin. He is alive and present in the world today. This is the second piling of faith and you must have this experience for a firm foundation.

The third piling we drive down is faith in ourselves. We must not have a sense of worthlessness, guilt, or insignificance. When we become a child of God we become somebody who is important and powerful with the spirit and power that God gives us. We can say, “I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me.”

The fourth piling is faith in others. Once we see what God has done for us we begin to see what God can do for everyone. We can see the good in other people. We must not be cynical about others but see them as children of God or potential children of God through Jesus Christ.

If you get that four-corner foundation resting firmly on the bedrock of faith you have something to now build on. But it is not just an intellectual affirmation as there is a difference between belief and faith.

Remember the Spruce Goose, a plane designed by the eccentric genius Howard Hughes? He was an engineer and a genius and he would not hire a test pilot to take it up. He had designed it and made it and he wanted to fly it. Others were skeptical and did not believe the giant plywood crate would get off the ground. But Hughes insisted and flew it a distance and then landed proving his point. He then rolled it into the hangar where it has stayed ever since. The point is, he not only believed intellectually in his engineering truths he put on paper but he had such faith that he got into the cockpit and trusted his life, security, and future and he flew it!

Saving faith is the same thing. You must have that as the foundation of life. If you do not have it, I don’t care how much you affirm, intellectually, what you believe about the Bible, God, and Jesus Christ, you must get into the cockpit and put yourself in His hands and trust Him to carry you through life.

With this kind of faith you now have the foundation for a storm proof life.

Are you ready for a storm proof life? Start building today!

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