The Story of Mother’s Day


Strong Mothers Make Homes Where Strong Men and Women Grow! If death had not entered a home, Mother’s Day might not have been established. Very often the good angel of mercy changes our mourning into a song of joy. Over a hundred years ago a letter was dropped in a mail box in Philadelphia, which started the movement for Mother’s … Read More

What’s Love Got to Do With It


  WHAT’S LOVE GOT TO DO WITH IT?  This is one of my favorite weeks of the year! It was this week 24 years ago that I had my first date with my husband. Valentine’s Day is coming and I woke up this morning singing the legendary Tina Turner song, “What’s Love Got to Do With It.” My immediate thought … Read More

Become a Star of Tomorrow


When you talk about tomorrow, you’re limited only by your imagination.   What’s fantasy today can become reality tomorrow.  The Flash Gordon’s of the TV screen in the 1930’s were the forerunners of astronauts Alan Shepard and John Glenn in the 1960’s.  The Star Treks of the 1970’s were the forerunners of the computer age in the 1990’s.  Now with … Read More

It’s So Hard To Wait.


It seems we spend a large portion of our life waiting….What are you waiting on right now? As kids, we waited for Christmas, as teenagers we waited to get our driver’s license.  As young adults, we waited for the right partner.  As a young married couple we waited to have kids or to move into that perfect house.  As older … Read More

What is “IT”?


The IT in your life can be defined in many ways.  We’re always asking ourselves and each other, “what is it?” or “where is it?” As I thought about IT, the more curious and thoughtful I became about discovering my IT.  Here’s some of my discovery: What is it?  When you ask someone this question you’re typically asking them what’s … Read More

Are You Ready to End Your Pain?


Where are you hurting?  If you are reading this article you must be hurting somewhere, for some reason and you want it to stop.  You want some relief.  You want to feel normal again. Whatever is causing your pain, please believe there is hope to find relief.  The relief or end of your pain may not come through the process … Read More

Measure Your Success To Stay Motivated


If you’re alive right now you’ve succeeded! Your body has succeeded in digesting your last meal, breathing the fresh air and performing all the bodily functions that come naturally to our God given bodies. But success can be measured in lots of ways. Successfully maintaining our bodies and eating and fueling or exercising them efficiently is one thing. But success … Read More

Think About What You Are Thinking About


Right now, STOP and think about what you’re thinking about! Are you thinking about the activity you’re engaged in right now?  Perhaps you’re cooking a meal, changing a diaper, or typing a letter.  These are productive daily activities that we all must perform to function in this world. Or, are you thinking about something you said or shouldn’t have done … Read More

Live a Life Prepared for Raging Storms, Devastating Winds & Unrelenting Waves


Those of us who live on the East coast have been reminded recently that no one is out of the range of devastating hurricane winds, rain and floods. Almost every month, and sometimes several times a month we are reminded of the terrible devastation wrought by the mighty uncontrollable winds as hurricanes build over the warm waters and then slam and … Read More

What Does Change Mean For You?


Change is often times a scary word.  Or should I say, what we THINK about change is scary.  There is such normalcy and security in our everyday schedules with the people we know and our daily routines.  To contemplate changing even the smallest something sends us in a tailspin and our minds conjure up the worst possible scenarios that could … Read More