Measure Your Success To Stay Motivated


If you’re alive right now you’ve succeeded! Your body has succeeded in digesting your last meal, breathing the fresh air and performing all the bodily functions that come naturally to our God given bodies.
But success can be measured in lots of ways. Successfully maintaining our bodies and eating and fueling or exercising them efficiently is one thing. But success on an enterprising business, emotional or spiritual level is another matter.
With an enterprising or business success you have arrived professionally. You’re either a CEO or successful business entrepreneur who has obtained all the educational accolades or accreditations in your profession. You may have obtained every certification or honor in this area but still feel unsuccessful. You may have many employees but may not be able to relate to them or manage them successfully.
Being emotionally successful usually includes being recognized as a strong unshakable demeanor or personality. Someone who can be confronted with adversity but is never shaken or shows signs of weakness. Someone others come to and share their troubles or difficulties and walk away with a solution or answer to their problems. Being emotionally successful or stable is important but not the most important thing in life.
Spiritual successfulness will bring you peace and all of the above. Being grounded spiritually not only provides emotional stability and the knowledge and power for physical success but it brings the balance and grace that ties it all together. Without the spiritual wholeness nothing else matters. You must relearn things, slow down, backup and take a deep breath.
When everything in our professional life and emotional life is going well it usually means we also have our priorities straight and we are humble and admit it’s only because we acknowledge the source of our strength and power. We look to our God who has brought us all this way. When we have spiritual purpose we eventually arrive at some stage of spiritual success.
It’s always a mistake to believe you have achieved a level where you know or understand it all. No one ever arrives there and knows it all.
We all make a mark and leave a legacy. You are a role model for someone with your behavior. It all becomes the legacy you create. Remember they are watching and waiting for you to show them the way or help them through a difficult time.
What’s your calling? Can you help lead someone part way?

Blessings to you,

Mary Ann

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