It’s So Hard To Wait.


It seems we spend a large portion of our life waiting….What are you waiting on right now?

As kids, we waited for Christmas, as teenagers we waited to get our driver’s license.  As young adults, we waited for the right partner.  As a young married couple we waited to have kids or to move into that perfect house.  As older adults, we’re waiting to retire or maybe just waiting to die.

The important thing is not our age or stage in life but it’s HOW we’re waiting that’s most important.  In this immediate gratification society the word “wait” or the “act of waiting” is unbearable to think about.  But when we wait with a certain mindset, it broadens our character and then makes the ultimate goal of our waiting so much more pleasing and enjoyable.

Here are a few ways to positively WAIT:

W.  Wait with a sense of Wonder or expectancy that everything will work out for good.  Don’t attach worry or negative feelings, anticipating the worst case scenario.  Instead, be excited and manufacture a sense of wonder and expectancy to your waiting.

A.  Accept the facts and the situation as it is now.  When we accept where we are, we’ll have more clarity on where we want to go.  Be patient with yourself and accept that you are where you are in life because of past choices.  Don’t accept as a way of giving up but as a way of letting go in order to move ahead into your new future.  Wait with a sense of patient Acceptance.

I. Intentionally wait.  As you wait for a certain life event to show up, make sure you remain intentional with the people and situations in your life now.  Be present and intentional with your spouse and your children.  Don’t be so far removed into your head with future planning and anticipation that you miss the everyday tender moments in the NOW. This is so important to your future!

T.  Trust God.  Always wait with trust that God’s timing is best.  As we were sitting at the hospice bedside of my 94 year old mother in law, she kept asking, “Why am I still here?”  and we would answer, “we’re waiting for God to decide He’s ready for you. There must be something He’s waiting on”….and as we sat…we waited.

It goes against my nature to wait on anything.  I want to be first in line at the grocery store or the bank.  I don’t want to wait in line at a restaurant or an amusement park.  I’ve always translated waiting as wasted time.

But, I’ve come to understand that it’s during the waiting times that God forces me to look inside and think about my reasons why and rethink my priorities.  It’s during this waiting quiet time when I start to feel the peace and strength that only God can provide.  It’s only during these times that I can reconsider my actions and the direction of my life.

It’s only then that God gives me the empathy and encouraging words that He needs me to speak to others.  When I feel His unconditional love surround me I could sit and wait forever.  Take time to pause long enough today to stay thankful and feel His unconditional love and gain the strength to wait on His timing.

We are a work in progress….

Blessings to you and Happy Thanksgiving,

Mary Ann


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