Are You Ready to End Your Pain?


Where are you hurting?  If you are reading this article you must be hurting somewhere, for some reason and you want it to stop.  You want some relief.  You want to feel normal again.

Whatever is causing your pain, please believe there is hope to find relief.  The relief or end of your pain may not come through the process or path you’re currently pursuing.  You may be surprised how you finally get relief, but keep reading and hopefully these words will give you the knowledge and inspire the courage to end your pain.

Your back may be hurting from an old injury or your heart may be hurting and broken because someone you love is gone.  I know you want the pain to stop.  If you are hurting badly enough or have been hurting long enough you’d be willing to do anything, say anything, go anywhere to get some relief.  Sometimes that hope of relief is so elusive but you know it’s out there and you believe it’s possible.  You aren’t ready to give into the pain.

Most people think they will never be able to end their pain.  No one is immune to pain and it can strike at any stage of life for many reasons and at different times. There’re also many types of pain and hundreds of definitions and explanations for the pain.  If your pain is physical and chronic then you’ve been to many doctors and received many diagnoses and possibly many prescriptions to ease the pain.  If your pain is emotional then you may have talked to a health care professional and are now just enduring or managing the pain.  You reach a point when you think it will never end and that you’ve tried everything.

I know this because my husband, Jimmy believed the same thing.  He has managed his pain and continues to be productive and continues to push through his pain in order to help and care for others.  He’s committed to a pain free life filled with family, friends and fishing.  Just believe you can do this too!

We have firsthand knowledge dealing with chronic pain.  Jimmy is a retired firefighter after 30 plus years of active duty.  His service was over a span of years before the invention of hydraulic stretchers.  Consequently, there were many heavy patients who had to be lifted and carried down flights of steps and in and out of homes and emergency rooms over the years of his career.  There were also many tumbles and falls down flights of steps, over water hoses, and through burned roof tops that injured his back.  These injuries eventually took their toll and over the last few years of his career he visited multiple therapists trying to put off the inevitable surgery.  He tried chiropractors, massage, acupuncture, injections, physical therapy, laser therapy.  Some provided temporary relief but nothing worked long term.  He finally gave in and opted for back surgery.  The first surgery was unsuccessful as was the second and third.  Then, after several years of researching different procedures and hoping for a better outcome he finally decided, “No more surgery.”  His pain management doctor implanted a pain pump in his abdomen and he’s monitored every few weeks and the pump is refilled with different pain and nerve concoctions to try and help him manage his pain levels.

In addition to his active professional career we also enjoyed deep sea fishing.  And anyone who has ever been off shore fishing knows the back strain and work involved with running through the ocean waves, reeling in big fish and operating a large boat.  It was much fun and exhilarating but that active hobby and lifestyle also took a toll on his back.

I am so proud of the way he has handled his pain and he is the main reason I have been inspired to write this article.  Some of the below points he adopted and used to get through the days, then weeks and now years.  Oh, don’t get me wrong.  The pain is still there and there have been some moments, and some days when he didn’t think he could take any more.  But, hopefully you can be encouraged by his experience and try some of the following techniques and find some relief from your pain.

P   Find a Purpose
A   Accept the Pain
I    Increase your Awareness
N   Never cease Praying


It’s been said, “Out of your pain can come your purpose!”  Listen to that voice inside your head or your Spirit that reminds you of the things you like to do.  The things that make you feel special or that come naturally to you.  It’s definitely a blessed person who can earn a living or find financial freedom doing their life’s purpose.  Your purpose is etched in your soul and the only way to unlock it is by connecting to God and your higher consciousness.  As you immerse yourself in your purpose your pain will lessen.

God made us all different.  Thank goodness!! Not one of us is identical in every way to any other human being.  Even identical twins share similarities but they have many differences. I have identical twin teenage granddaughters and they are very different in their looks and personalities.  Their parents have always encouraged their individuality and even though their DNA originates from a single source their environmental differences and human development is not just genetic.  They each have different ideas about what is fun to do and what they want to study and become later in adult life. They’re finding their purpose.

ACCEPT the Pain:

Accept it, not as a way of giving up but as an acceptance that this must be God’s will for now and He must have a purpose for the pain.  Become humble and willing to pray, “If this pain will help or teach me or someone else something that You need for them to learn, then, Dear God I accept this pain.”

INCREASE your Awareness:

Find beauty in the world, in nature and become more aware of all the beautiful and awesome works of God outside yourself.  Become more aware of the other people God has placed in your life.  As you focus on their needs and discover how you can help them the thoughts of your pain will lessen.

NEVER cease Praying:

It’s been said, “Prayer may not change things for you, but it sure changes you for things.”  As we spend time in God’s word and read about Job, David and Jesus and all the others who endured pain and then were healed through their faith and belief in God it gives us hope to keep living our lives for Him, our Saviour and ultimate healer of our minds and bodies.

Pain can lead to so many negative emotional reactions.  It helps to talk to others who can listen or help you through it.  Please know and believe that you can overcome or lessen your pain by incorporating certain things into your daily routine.  You can make a difference.  You can shine again.  Bring that superpower of joy back into your life.  Reach out….I’m here to help you!

Blessings to you,

Mary Ann

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