Become a Star of Tomorrow


IMG_7496When you talk about tomorrow, you’re limited only by your imagination.   What’s fantasy today can become reality tomorrow.  The Flash Gordon’s of the TV screen in the 1930’s were the forerunners of astronauts Alan Shepard and John Glenn in the 1960’s.  The Star Treks of the 1970’s were the forerunners of the computer age in the 1990’s.  Now with I phones and I Pads, this digital and electronic age is changing daily to match the imaginations for a new tomorrow.

The very thought of “tomorrow” is fascinating, alluring and intriguing.  Just think of the many new jobs and inventions that tomorrow will bring in the computer and marketing industries.  Hundreds of opportunities for jobs and businesses unheard of today will be available in the coming tomorrows.

While this line of thought is exciting, for some it can be disheartening.  For if tomorrow is going to be what we dream, how do we prepare for it?  By the recognition that even in an arena of constant change some things are timeless absolutes.  These are ways YOU can be a star of tomorrow!

  1. Be Yourself.  Recognize your own individual talents and develop them and stop trying to be like someone else.  There is no other person like you and you are unique and special.  Remember, no one excels in everything and each person has their own unique abilities.  Find yours and then work to sharpen it.  Develop what you have and explore and refine your abilities.  Turn your imagination loose on what you can be and have fun doing it.  Like the commercial says, “Just do it”.

Start by taking a look your own abilities.  Dig up all the talents that you’ve kept buried over the years and Put aside your fear and look at yourself courageously.  If it’s wrong to claim abilities you don’t have, then it’s also wrong to disclaim abilities that you do have.  So Never belittle yourself or minimize your own capacities in the name of humility!

When you concentrate on your own work and ability, you have a chance to shine.  Your ability is not something to brag about but to appreciate and be thankful for.  No one else can do the work that was meant for you.  That is for you alone, and if you fail to do it, it may not ever be done.

Never be content to occupy the same place you did a year ago.  Expand your scope of usefulness and develop your talents.  You’ll find within yourself abilities you never dreamed were there.  Only you can develop them.  And when you do, they will be recognized and you’ll be the most honored because of increased usefulness and service.  Now don’t wait around and look for someone to encourage you or give you honor.  Do the work!  The honor and the rewards will come.

  1. Capitalize On Your Handicaps.

We’re all unequal in our abilities and many of us have handicaps.  These handicaps can be physical, mental or emotional.  You may currently not have a handicap but we’re never sure that life will always be free from them.  Daylight can be changed to darkness in an instant.  

We react to handicaps in different ways:

  1. Some seek to ignore them.  You will never make a difference by looking the other way.
  2. Some surrender to their handicaps.  Instead of bravely fighting they spend their time wallowing in self pity.
  3. Some USE their handicaps.

As a ship uses the adverse wind to help it toward its destination, you can use your handicap to help you toward a fuller life.  When a grain of sand gets into the shell of an oyster that grain of sand can make a pearl.  This same way we can use our gritty handicaps to spur us forward.

Years ago there was a small boy who suffered a severe burn.  In fact, his legs were so badly burned that the physician looked at them and shook his head and said, “He’ll never walk again.”  But that boy refused to accept the verdict of that doctor.  He refused to ignore or to surrender to his handicap.  Instead, he so used his handicap that those burned legs enabled him to be one of the fastest runners of all time.  Olympian Glenn Cunningham was stronger in every way because of his handicap. He fought harder because he had to.

  1. Use Wisely The Time You Have Today.

The Psalmist said, “This is the day that the Lord has made, let us rejoice and be glad in it.”  He didn’t say “was” or “going to be.”  He said “This IS”.  Many times adults are guilty of living in the past and young people are guilty of trying to live in the future.  The star of tomorrow lives today to its fullest, because today is all we have!  Both yesterday and tomorrow are out of our reach and the one who is tomorrow’s star has learned how to put the most into NOW.

This is a time of constant change and continuing challenges, yet the stars of tomorrow have incorporated into their lives some timeless absolutes:

Recognize your own abilities

Capitalize on your handicaps.

Use today wisely and keep dreaming and imagining a better tomorrow.

You can change yourself and the world, one thought, one choice, then one action at a time.

Dare to change your life today.

Blessings to you,

Mary Ann