Are You Ready: To Make That Change?

In order to move in one direction or another you have to take action. You can be lying in bed after hearing the alarm clock go off, but until you make up your mind to put feet on the floor and stand up, you’ll keep lying there. In order to move, your mind has to convince your body to take action and get up. Likewise, if you’re driving a car traveling south and your obnoxious friendly GPS voice starts telling you to “make a u-turn at the safest possible turn around and head north,” until you are ready to turn the wheel, you will continue traveling south. You have to be ready to get up, and you have to be ready to turn the wheel. In order to get a different result from any action, you’ve got to be ready to change the way you are doing things that will enable you to come out with a different result. What usually motivates us is some kind of pain or discomfort.


R. Remember and Learn from the Past

E. Eliminate the Negative Thoughtslike

A. Ask for Assistance

D. Decide to Let Go

Y. Yearn for What is Best

I’ve heard many people say that they would like to lose weight, stop smoking, get along better with their spouse or children, or have more money, or more time or more friends. But most of these people are not ready to take the steps that would be necessary to have these things in their lives. They’re wishing, but they are not ready. They are not experiencing enough pain or discomfort with their existing set of circumstances. It was C. S. Lewis who said, “God whispers to us in our pleasure, but He shouts to us in our pain.” It’s because of His love for us that He shouts.

To be ready to change you have to be sick and tired of the status quo. You have to be so fed up with the outcome of all your past or current choices and be ready to commit to a new way of doing things. There is a saying I’m reminded of: “Just remember, your best thinking got you here.” Your best thinking is now showing up as the framework of your existing situation. In life we all have choices. As we’re considering change we must condition ourselves to take some kind of action. In order to take action we must become READY.

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