Finding Yourself on the Wrong Path?

Is negative brain chatter keeping you depressed and
doubting your self-worth?

Are you struggling to overcome hangups or addictions?

Is your life not going according to plans?

Tired of fighting against it all?

I Totally Get It!

For years I struggled as a single Mom, waking up many mornings dreading the day and wondering how I would pay the bills and feed my young son…praying for a break. I was literally drowning in depression, insecurity and self-destruction.


I stopped living in self-pity and started searching for a solution to my problems. I finally took control of my life and found the solution. I mastered the art of changing. I learned how to change the self-defeating thoughts and personal habits that were holding me back from my destiny and the life I deserved. My whole approach with people and life was different. Positive change for my life was a slow process. I’d take one step forward and then get pushed back two or three steps. Slowly, day by day, change happened for me. I eventually became a respected government director, coordinating multi-million dollar projects with divisions of employees.

My Life’s Purpose

Now, I feel my God-given purpose is to teach you this process and mindset, so you don’t waste years struggling and searching for solutions. I want to help you master the art of changing your life TODAY! Not only will you change, but you can learn this process in just 40 days.

You see…making a change has nothing to do with how much willpower you have, or how badly you want it. At the end of the day, it’s not how much you need to change, or even what you want to change – it’s all in how you go about it. There’s an art and mindset in approaching the process the right way; that’s what I’ll teach and share with you.


My success over the last 15 years has been the direct result of practicing this formula of self-care, with love and respect for the process. There are no quick fixes, and there is an art to arranging your days, weeks and months with the right mindset and support that will sustain your life, message and gift to the world.

For me, the biggest thing that finally got me there was discovering how to overcome certain habits, and develop the mindsets to start making the positive changes that eventually led to a successful life. This is what I’ll teach you.

Are You Ready?

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    Would you like to know how it feels to have the courage to bodly face your fears that are keeping you stifled, insecure and depressed?

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    Would you like to know how to quiet the negative brain chatter and replace it with positive, loving, and healthy affirmations, instead?

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    Would you like to happily and energetically bounce out of bed each morning?

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    Would you like to be free of all hang-ups or addictions and stop feeling isolated and ashamed?

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    Would you like to stop feeling like you are on the outs with all your family and friends, but instead, enjoy loving and fun relationships?

If you have answered yes to one or more of the questions above, then you are READY to heal and change.

To prepare for the new world God made it rain for 40 days and 40 nights. Let’s see if working together is the next right move for you – to spend 40 days preparing for your Fresh New Beginning.

40-Day Plan to a
Fresh New Beginning

This program is designed to Ignite Your Mind, Empower Your Body and Awaken Your Spirit so You Can feel Energized, Hopeful and Creative again.


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    You will finally discover how to let go of the past mistakes and regrets holding you back, so you can finally move forward with the successful and happy life you deserve.

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    You will find the guts to never give up, so you can accomplish anything you desire.

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    You will learn how to become bold and believe in yourself again, so you have the confidence to take those steps to achieve your goals.

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    You will develop discipline and learn to take decisive action, so that tasks or goals don’t seem so difficult or overwhelming.

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    You will learn to let go of pleasing others and living by their expectations, so you can feel free to just be yourself.

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    You will learn how to incorporate self-love and self-care into your days, so that you have the energy and love to give to give to others, and still be able to achieve all your personal and professional goals.

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    You will end up with less tension and more peaceful confidence in your daily living, so that you can enjoy all the little moments or accomplishments in life, that we sometimes take for granted.

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    And finally you will be living in your truth and marveling at your transformation, knowing that the journey was worth every step, because you can now be your authentic self and enjoy success and happiness in all areas of your life.

Your 40-Day Plan to a Fresh New Beginning Includes:

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    Weekly 1-hour private coaching sessions with me (phone or internet) to keep you connected, focused and accountable.

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    Kick off session to create your customized 40-day Action Plan to ensure you receive the results you desire.

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    Empowering assignments to implement your New Beginning immediately.

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    Ongoing email/text access between sessions for support and inspiration to keep you on track and progressing forward.

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    Audio recordings of each session.

What Happens After

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    We begin with an Assessment to determine where you are now, and discuss where you would like to go. You will have fun dreaming about all that is possible and creating your transformation for the next 40 days.

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    After your assessment we work together to determine the exact areas you want to focus on for the next 40 days. I will walk you step-by step through my proven R.E.A.D.Y. system where you will 1. Remember and learn from the past; 2. Eliminate negative thoughts; 3. Ask for assistance; 4. Decide to let go; and 5. Yearn for what is best for your life;

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    When you get READY we’ll move into the C.H.A.N.G.E. week. We’ll explore and implement your Courage, Honesty, Acceptance, Never Giving Up and Guts that will lead to your Excellence for lasting change.

Are You Ready for Change?

Don't miss this opportunity for
Your Fresh New Beginning.

1 Payment of $1495
3 Bi-Weekly Payments of $549

Yes, I'm READY!

Still not convinced? Don’t take my word for it. Since realizing my God-given purpose, I’ve helped many people just like you to break the chains of self defeat, depression and insecurity. They start believing in themselves again, and they eventually achieve a permanent and positive transformation.


“If you are looking for help from someone that has a genuine heart to help others, especially women, you will be eager to work with Mary Ann! Her life experiences and humble faith in God will encourage you and give you the confidence to leave the darkness of life’s struggles and destructive habits. Mary Ann has the unique gift of being professional, compassionate, kind and non-judgemental in her teachings. Having “been there and done that” makes her approach to life and change inspiring and exciting. Her gentle nature allows you the comfort to own your pain, heartache and frustration while she mentors you to grow in a new and positive way of life. I highly recommend Mary Ann and her course if you want a knowledgeable, experienced woman that is filled with passion to help you win back the confident and beautiful you!”Theresa Hayes

“Hi, Have needed someone to share several recent concerns. Since I had been reading posts and e-mails from Mary Ann, I decided to set up a couple of sessions. She was so thorough in the way she conducted our sessions. Mary Ann has a calming effect. She listens and asks the questions that are needed. She’s personal with you and you gain the sense of her perceptiveness. She remains objective which is a skill in itself. I would highly recommend Mary Ann. “Debi Byford

“Mary Ann has been such a complete joy to work with! Her calm and soft demeanor truly allows you to instantly feel like you are understood and safe to share. But don’t be lulled into thinking she will let you get away with not getting deep and working intensely on your goals! As your coach she will be one of your biggest allies, cheerleaders, and no-nonsense accountability partners, sticking with you to help you reach your goals. It was an honor to be coached by her and I sincerely recommend you doing the same. Saying yes to Mary Ann and saying YES to YOU!”Elizabeth de Moraes, Health and Success Coach, Iconic Living, LLC
‘Unleash Your Inner Celebrity!’™

“Mary Ann has a wealth of experience and I could feel it in our sessions. I felt understood and guided through my challenges. What I loved the most was her positivity and kindness, I truly felt that she cares about me and the she would go the extra mile for me. I highly recommend working with Mary Ann as your coach and mentor!”Alex X

Wait…There are BONUSES!

BONUS ONE: I’ll send you a FREE copy of my first published book, Are You Ready? To Make That Change – my story of how I overcame a 30-year addiction. So, for the first 25 who sign up you will receive a copy in the mail in just a few days.

“We read Mary Ann’s first book, Are You Ready? To Make That Change in daily increments as part of our morning devotional. Well done!!!! This book is easy to read yet powerful in the concepts. The messages are applicable to every day life and speaks to our attitudes as we approach each of life’s encounters. “
– Jennifer & Chuck P. Freeport, MA

“A very readable book in the field of motivation. By adhering to the basic principles set down in this book, anyone-regardless of age, educational background or experience can literally change her life.”
– Minnie C. Chattanooga, Tennessee

BONUS TWO: I’ll also give you an audio version of Affirmations with inspiring music to incorporate into your daily schedule, that will inspire and motivate you to Never Give Up!

This is not for those blamers and complainers or those looking for an overnight miracle. It’s perfect for those ready to invest some time and effort into their future and success. A lot of people who don’t believe in themselves and commit to self care and change, often end up feeling stifled with a life of quiet desperation. Don’t let this be you….take the time and invest in yourself so you can show up for those people in your life depending on you. Go ahead and claim this opportunity for you.

I know my results may be unique and not everyone will be able to make all the changes they want right away. But, we’ve got to start somewhere and we never know until we try. So, I’m willing to help you, if you’ll help yourself. Start right now investing in your future.

CHANGE starts with you.
One thought. One choice. One action at a time.
Let’s Do This!

Dare to CHANGE your life today!

If you are READY for change, take this first step toward
Your Fresh New Beginning.

1 Payment of $1495
3 Monthly Payments of $549

Yes, I'm READY!